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From increased revenue and improved user experience to enhanced compliance and reduced costs, Comtrade 360’s application modernization services help organizations across all industries transform their legacy applications into agile, secure, and cloud-native powerhouses with tailored solutions that cater to unique needs.

Application Modernization

Application modernization involves migrating legacy applications from on-premises to the cloud or from one platform to another. Application modernization empowers your business to harness the power of the cloud to unlock improved security, increased efficiency, and advanced solutions capable of supporting growing businesses.

app modernization
app modernization

Application modernization is the redesign of an application from scratch using the most advanced technologies and architectural principles. This may involve decomposing a monolithic application into a number of autonomous microservices or serverless functions and then deploying them on private or public cloud platforms.

Why Comtrade 360?

We offer a comprehensive approach to application modernization for your business. Our services provide businesses like yours with a variety of solutions, tailored to specific applications, goals, or projects.

1.A Fresh Perspective on Your Applications

  • Assess your current applications and propose a high-level architectural and technology stack upgrade plan based on your specific needs and goals.

  • Address outdated technology stacks on an application level, eliminating security risks, problems impacting your end users and ensuring compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

2.Accelerated Time-to-Market

  • Leverage the expertise of our experienced engineers to reduce time-to-market for your products and new applications.

  • Streamline application development processes and reduce operational costs due to inefficiencies.

Requirements Analysis

  • Analyze and document requirements from both business and technical perspectives, ensuring alignment with your business goals and technical constraints.

  • Cover functional, non-functional, security, and quality requirements to guarantee the best possible outcome.

4.Scalability and Performance Enhancement

  • Transform monolithic applications into agile cloud solutions that can scale effortlessly to meet growing demands.

  • Improve overall performance and scalability by moving to the cloud enhancing user experiences.

5.Ongoing User Experience Support

  • Enhance usability, support ability, and maintenance of your applications.

  • Gain timeline predictability while ensuring your apps align with your business needs, and new features are added with ease, reducing time-to-market for new functionalities.

How We Deploy Legacy Application Modernization

app modernization app modernization

Why Modernize Your Applications?

Here are some of the most common concerns that lead businesses to modernize their applications. If you’re facing any of these challenges, our expert teams are equipped to help you plan and execute your application modernization. Get in touch!

Compliance & Security

If you're concerned about security risks and non-compliance with industry standards and regulations, we have the solutions you need to create and implement a successful application modernization plan.

Scalability and Performance

If large, slow applications are holding you back from reaching efficiency and scalability, we can help you optimize and modernize your environments for agile solutions that fit your business needs.

End-User Experience

We can help you ensure your applications consistently deliver an exceptional user experience with in-depth analysis, modernization of usability, supportability, and ongoing maintenance.

Additional Functionality

When your applications can't keep up with your business requirements or adding new features becomes a bottleneck, our services are the answer to helping you migrate your applications to the cloud and customizing cloud capabilities.

Tech and Skills Gap

If you’re finding it difficult to meet timelines due to tech and skills gap, our full-stack engineers bring immediate impact, filling your skill gaps with the expertise and efficiency you need.

Time to Resolution

If you have difficulty troubleshooting production issues and determining root cause, we can rapidly uncover hidden issues and strengthen your defenses for efficient production.

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