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We combine the efficiency of tailor-made DevOps solutions with robust security measures to offer a holistic, customized solution for your software development lifecycle.

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It’s More Than Just Technology

Leverage the power of cloud computing to build scalable, secure, and resilient applications that are always available to your customers. Our DevSecOps integration ensures robust security at every stage.

Your business goals are our #1 priority. Our experts will work closely with you to assess your current practices, identify areas for improvement, and develop a roadmap for success, incorporating essential security practices.

We help you automate CI/CD pipelines, enabling you to release new features and updates to your users with greater speed and confidence. Security checks are embedded throughout the pipeline to detect vulnerabilities early.

We help you leverage container orchestration technologies to deploy and manage your applications with greater efficiency and scalability, while maintaining continuous security monitoring and compliance checks.

Visibility of application workloads is a necessity for effective table-stakes. We help implement observability solutions, that leverage tracing, logging, metrics, and profiling, that provide real-time visibility into your application's performance and health, enabling you to quickly identify and address issues, and even see the issues before they happen.

Our enhanced approach embeds your DevOps processes with robust security tools, ensuring comprehensive protection and compliance. We utilize a variety of advanced security testing, analysis methods, and a range of paid tools.

Security Testing Methods

  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing
  • IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing)
  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
  • SCA (Software Composition Analysis)
  • Penetration Testing

Security Tools

  • AppScan
  • Checkmarx
  • Fortify
  • Veracode
  • Snyk
  • Mend
  • Coverity
  • Sonatype
  • BlackDuck
  • SonarQube
  • Rapid7
  • Contrast Security

Updating Your Pipeline with Security in Mind:

To ensure your software development remains secure and compliant, we have streamlined a multi-step process for integrating robust security measures into your existing pipeline:

Analysis of Existing Pipeline: Evaluate the current pipeline to identify potential areas for security enhancements.

Detection: Pinpoint optimal stages for integrating security scans.

Security Coverage: Implement comprehensive security measures, including source code analysis and Docker image scanning.

Tool Selection: Collaboratively choose the most effective security tools.

Implementation: Revise the pipeline to incorporate these tools, centralize security reports, and establish monitoring.

Adoption Scenarios: Offer options for either ongoing security tool management or providing training for your team's self-management.

With this integrated approach, we ensure that security is not just an afterthought but a fundamental, seamlessly integrated aspect of your DevOps pipeline.

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From idea conception to market release, our expert teams are there to accelerate and streamline your product development journey. Our services are completely customizable to your business needs. We minimize errors, enhance customer satisfaction, and save costs that can be invested in other crucial business areas. Our unique approach encompasses collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement, resulting in faster, higher-quality products that meet the evolving needs of your organization. Whatever the project, we get it done.

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ct 360

Our expert teams are ready to elevate your product development journey by fortifying your DevOps projects with advanced security metrics through our proactive DevSecOps services. We customize our services to suit your unique business needs, ensuring a streamlined process that minimizes errors, enhances security, and boosts customer satisfaction. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, automation, integrated security measures, and continuous improvement, aiming for faster, more secure, and high-quality product outcomes that align with your organization's evolving requirements. We’re ready to help with any project you’re working on.

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