Case study

Enhancing user experience and data protection: Comtrade 360’s solution to multinational money transfer challenges.



Our client is a large multinational fintech company that offers international money transfer and remittance services. They initiated the development of the next-generation version of their fintech application, a complex payment system, which required expanding the development team’s capacity to enable the transfer of monetary transactions through their mobile application’s key features.

Project goal

Our client aimed to implement a new solution that utilizes the latest technologies to provide a single codebase for their mobile and web applications. This solution would enable shorter release cycles, a uniform user experience across devices, increased market penetration, facilitate testing and maintenance, and cloud integration.

The primary objective of this project was to expand the client’s R&D team to handle the increased workload required for developing and implementing mobile money transfer solutions.


We faced the challenge of handling the Know Your Customer (KYC) flow for a large and growing list of countries as every country has independent regulatory policies that require different types and amounts of user data to consider them compliant for money transfer. Additionally, we needed to provide users with the best possible experience, and constant monitoring of user behavior through the application with short release cycles.


Comtrade 360’s expertise in promptly assembling a trusted and dedicated team to develop a sensitive part of the fintech application for their client, demonstrates reliability in providing teams with appropriate technology stack knowledge that can either integrate with project teams or function independently to deliver against goals.


“Comtrade 360 engineers were a great fit for our team. They were skillful, proactive and independent. Project we were working on was a brand new app built using new technologies and innovative approaches and Comtrade 360 engineers contributed a lot for the success of the project within tight deadlines. They managed to organize themselves and handle all mobile-related work without constant manager supervision, acting like owners and caring about code quality and customer experience. Engineers contributed heavily not only to the codebase but also to UI/UX aspects of the team showing their good understanding of mobile development. They also proved to be flexible in working hours when required and showed care about our customers.”

Maksym Khrypko
Line manager, Front-End Development team, WorldRemit


Keywords: international money transfer, fintech application, mobile payment solutions, user experience, data protection, KYC, React Native, Firebase, GraphQL, Cloud integration, secure money transfer, application development teams, development team capacity, key feature development, shorter release cycles, single codebase, cloud integration, R&D team extension