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Why Choose Our Security Services?

Proactive Risk Identification

Discover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited and provide a tailored approach for your unique environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your security measures meet industry standards and regulations to avoid penalties.

Enhanced Security Posture

Strengthen your defenses through expert insights and strategies.

Stakeholder Confidence

Build trust with clients and partners through a demonstrated commitment to security and privacy.

Cost Efficiency

Address vulnerabilities early to avoid the high costs of breaches and downtime while preserving your reputation.

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence in the security of your digital assets through clear understanding of our reports and assessments, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Security Offerings

Penetration Testing


Security Assessments

Penetration Testing simulates real-world attacks to identify and address weaknesses in your systems, networks, and applications. Our team uses advanced techniques to uncover security gaps, provide actionable remediation strategies, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Services include:

  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing: Rigorous testing of your network and systems by simulating both external and internal attacks.

  • Cloud Penetration Testing: Securing your public, private, or hybrid cloud environments through advanced methodologies.

  • Application Penetration Testing: Ensuring your web, mobile, and API applications are secure by emulating real attack scenarios.

  • Objective-Based Penetration Testing: Focusing on and simulating specific business threats and goals, designed to achieve a particular objective like gaining unauthorized access to customer databases, social engineering, or email phishing.

  • Ransomware Penetration Testing: Simulating sophisticated ransomware attacks to test the resilience of your networks, systems, and staff.

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DevSecOps integrates security practices into every stage of your software development lifecycle. This proactive approach ensures vulnerabilities are addressed early, enhancing your application and platform security and resilience. Services include:

  • Development Process Assessment: Evaluating your software development practices to identify gaps and recommend improvements, ensuring better delivery times, reduced costs, and neutralized vulnerabilities.

  • Build & Deploy: Enhancing your development process with a CI/CD pipeline built on industry standards, providing control over your development lifecycle, configuration management, and deployment.

  • Security: Employing SAST, DAST, and IAST for comprehensive security testing, identifying vulnerabilities in both the source code and runtime environments.

  • Managed Service: Maintaining and monitoring your CI/CD and security infrastructure with regular updates and patches to ensure continuous development without disruptions.

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Security Assessments offer a thorough evaluation of your cybersecurity posture, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities to provide actionable recommendations for improvement. Our services include:

  • Cyber Maturity Assessment: Evaluating the efficiency of your cybersecurity measures, providing a clear picture of your security posture, and helping you develop a robust plan for improvement.

  • ICS/OT Cyber Security Assessment: Securing industrial control systems and operational technology, which are critical for utilities, manufacturing, and essential services, by identifying vulnerabilities and providing tailored remediation strategies.

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Optimized security

At Comtrade 360, we provide more than just infrastructure protection - our combined expertise in proactive, robust security, highly skilled team, and long-term partnership approach equips you with the right support in strengthening your security posture & strategy.

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Comtrade 360 Security Services Brochure

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Ransomware Prevention and Response Checklist

Download our essential checklist to safeguard your organization against ransomware attacks and ensure quick recovery.


Can you afford a breach?

Engaging a trusted partner like Comtrade 360 for your security needs is sure to save you millions of dollars and possible reputational loss. We understand that every business is different. Our team works closely with you to create a unique process tailored to your specific environment and project needs. Below is a quick overview of how we deploy security services.

Consultation, planning & foundational assessment

Quickly assembling customized teams of experts

Assessing security needs and vulnerabilities

Implementing the required adversary simulation & security offering

Providing continuous monitoring, updates, and reports

Follow-up sessions as needed

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