Comtrade Distributed File System (CDFS)

Empower your data management: high-speed scalability & reliability

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High-performance distributed file system

Operating up to the exabyte range, allowing nodes to be added in minutes.

File system with backup to tape archiving

Seamless integration of Tape Archive for permanent data storage.

High reliability and availability storage

With latency less than 100 microseconds, ensures high reliability and accessibility.

Next level speed

In the realm of data, speed and reliability are key. At Comtrade 360, we understand these demands and offer a solution that meets your extreme data requirements. Our Comtrade Distributed File System (CDFS) brings together low latency, high throughput, and configurable reliability in an easily scalable package.

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From scalable distributed file systems to secure and reliable storage, CDFS is your solution for accelerated and efficient data management. Leverage Comtrade 360's expertise, and let our Distributed File System redefine your data landscape.