Case study

Enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution



Our client, a big IT infrastructure and software provider, was focused on establishing a long-term engagement to develop an enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large, complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. The client needed a partner, preferably a software engineering and product development company with unique domain knowledge in backup and recovery software, that could develop new features outlined in their product roadmap faster, in the highest quality, and within shorter release cycles.

Project goal

The main goal of our experts was to take over a part of the software engineering and development activities for the purpose of creating an enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution. This required close collaboration with our customer’s product management and engineering teams.The Comtrade 360 project team participated in building a scalable architecture, the design proposals, feature development, providing quality assurance, and CI/CD.



Comtrade 360’s technical expertise and domain knowledge were required to design and implement features around security and analytics, protection of physical and virtualized environments, storage integrations with compression, deduplication, storage management, point-in-time recovery, and analytics for saving costs and resources.

The complexity of the scope of work posed as the biggest challenge. To make sure everything was performed smoothly and with maximum efficiency,Comtrade 360 needed to establish several self sufficient agile teams to successfully coordinate R&D, QA and test automation, DevOps, technical writing, and L3 support while using an agile software development methodology within a continuous integration development process.


We managed to quickly create and deploy the backup and disaster recovery solution for a large-scale heterogeneous environment by being able to quickly scale up and scale down our project teams based on customer requirements. At the final stage of deployment, our experts had successfully executed several projects based on specific needs that enabled the customer to go to market with features that protected mission-critical data across physical and virtual environments, that helped maximize storage efficiency and performance, while fulfilling compliance requirements.

The product versions were released on time, combined with high-quality feature development, resulting in overall customer satisfaction with our cooperation, further proving our excellent track record and expertise in backup and disaster recovery. We succeeded in building a trusted partnership which in turn resulted in additional collaboration with the client on new product versions releases with faster time-to-market executions and opened the door for even further engagement on other projects.

This solution has been steadily in use for over 3 decades, and in its best times of maturity, it had been used by over 15.000 small and medium businesses and other enterprise customers. Currently, it is being used by about 5.000 customers.