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Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

Our tool analyzes source data from IT infrastructure to detect anomalies and ensure quality data management.

Cyber Security

We help you develop AI/ML solutions designed to enhance system security, identify weaknesses, and propose actionable improvement measures.

AI-powered Diagnostic Tool

Future-ready technology suggesting actions for system optimization and improved security.


Take control with AI-driven observability, providing comprehensive visibility into your systems for improved decision-making and efficient troubleshooting.

Edge Computing

Stay ahead of the curve with edge computing capabilities, enabling quicker data processing and decision-making at the source. 

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At Comtrade 360, our AI Lab operates following the comprehensive OECD AI principles. Our commitment to inclusivity, human-centered values, transparency, safety, and accountability ensures that our AI/ML services are designed and delivered with excellence.

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From anomaly detection to cyber security and future-ready diagnostics, our AI/ML solutions bring the power of intelligent technology to your fingertips. Empower your business with Comtrade 360's expertise, and let our AI/ML solutions redefine your business landscape.