Case study

Transforming End-User Experience through Application Modernization


Facing the demands of a rapidly evolving tech landscape, how can companies upgrade their customer engagement platforms to satisfy the high expectations of contemporary users?

Our client, a large international tech company, faced challenges with their Salesforce CRM support portal, crucial for post-sale service, due to performance issues, rising costs, and decreasing customer satisfaction. By modernizing the support portal, we transformed the user experience into a centralized post-sales hub, improving satisfaction through a more intuitive, personalized approach, reducing live agent reliance, and cutting operational costs.

This strategy significantly elevated customer self-service and satisfaction while resolving performance, security, and efficiency issues in the client’s previous system with updated technology and streamlined software delivery. The full case study details the application modernization techniques and technologies used to overcome these industry challenges and offers a comprehensive guide for anyone aiming to enhance customer engagement through digital transformation.

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