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For over 30 years, we have provided businesses with software engineering services, expert teams, and a comprehensive set of tailored services that help them monitor, analyze, and optimize their applications. All while ensuring their business objectives are met.

Comtrade 360 Observability Services

We gather and organize system telemetry and topology data, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your application runtime state and operation. This data serves as the basis for our development of observability software solutions that provides complete visibility into your solutions and applications, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues. All while tracking,collecting and measuring real-time data to monitor the application, user experience and quality of service delivery.

Leverage our expertise in OpenTelemetry for integrations and automated observability. We help you Integrate your systems into the OpenTelemetry ecosystem by setting up integrations with existing monitoring and alerting tools or other observability platforms, ensuring that the rich telemetry data collected is effectively visualized and harnessed for timely alerting. This comprehensive solution ensures that you don't miss a critical piece of information, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and maintain resilient applications.

We analyze system performance, identify bottlenecks, and diagnose failures by extracting actionable insights from data collected through observability tools. This provides insights and recommendations for improving software performance, user experience, and overall system reliability. Our comprehensive reporting on application performance and availability empowers you to meet compliance standards, SLA commitments, and overall business objectives.

When we say we’ve got you covered, we mean it. Get full visibility and optimize performance quickly. Ensure a real-time overview of your application, servers, containers, and databases.

Why Comtrade 360?

Our expertise lies in enhancing insight into production environments, utilizing cutting-edge monitoring and analytics tools to provide real-time visibility into critical systems. We prioritize strict security compliance, ensuring our clients' data and infrastructure meet industry-specific standards and regulations. Our core strength is proactive issue detection, leveraging advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics to preemptively address potential problems and achieve the best Mean Time to Resolution.

Complete insights into the production environment to maximize availability and performance (KPIs).

Consolidate telemetry and environment data and present information in a single pane of glass.

Improve customer experience and overall quality of your services.

Optimize software delivery pipeline.

Real Clients.
Real Impact.

See how our client, a large gaming provider, achieved improved overall productivity due to our tailored observability solutions.

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Our observability and monitoring services, coupled with our expert teams, offer you real-time visibility, actionable insights, and quick resolution of issues.
From reducing time-to-market to defining precise solutions, let's ensure your applications not only meet industry standards but also drive business success.