Case study

Online Backup to Private Cloud



This project was developed for a large international tech company, specialized in cloud backup and recovery software products. They required a partner, a software company that could take over and own their complete software development lifecycle, develop new features outlined in their product roadmap faster, with shorter release cycles.

This was an already mature product that went through several acquisitions in the past. Once the company acquired the product, they transferred all engineering tasks to Comtrade 360. Following the start of our collaboration, they had two additional product acquisitions with the same setup process, also resulting in our direct handling of all engineering related tasks

Project goal

The main goal for our experts was to take over the development of the project named “Online Backup to Private Cloud”. This meant close collaboration with our customer’s project management and operations team.

Comtrade 360 project team was tasked with overseeing architecture and designs, feature development, quality assurance, as well as CI/CD.


Apart from developing new features, we observed that the handling of the complete software development lifecycle, and all the roles involved in a mature product – right after the knowledge transfer sessions were completed – was part of the main challenge.

To overcome the challenges and successfully complete all the required tasks, Comtrade 360 needed to establish a self-sufficient team to successfully deal with R&D, QA and test automation, DevOps, technical writing, as well as L3 support while using an agile software development methodology within a continuous integration development process.


To successfully complete the project to the client’s satisfaction, Comtrade 360’s team combined their expertise with the versatility on latest cloud computing concepts and technologies. Our team implemented the complete software development lifecycle, while the client handled product management, product operations and support.

Our proven track record and long-lasting expertise in the field of backup and recovery enabled us to release product versions on time, together with high-quality feature development, and resulted in client’s overall happiness with our cooperation. We’ve successfully formed a trusted partnership and moved on to collaborate on future product versions’ releases with reduced time-to-market, opening the door for further engagement on additional projects.