Case study

Smooth and seamless CRM transition



Our client is a large multinational enterprise information tech company specialized in Cloud computing, hardware and software products, and AI. The nature of their work brought a need to look for a trusted partner who could help them improve implementation processes and reduce the time needed for transitioning to a new CMR solution.

Project goal

The main goal of this project was to extend the client’s R&D team in order to cope with an increased workload required for a swift implementation and a seamless transition to a new CRM portal. To ensure everything go according to plan, we also decided to put additional expertise to Continuous integration and deployment with DevOps.


The biggest challenge during the transition was to maintain, develop and release versions for two CRM solutions in parallel. As a prerequisite, we had to automate and improve all integration, build, testing, and deployment processes. On the organizational side, our engineers needed to blend and integrate into client’s existing R&D teams and adapt to established SAFe practices and processes.


Comtrade 360’s proven track record and long-lasting expertise in the DevOps domain ensured a successful conclusion of the project. Our highly motivated team of DevOps engineers designed and implemented a series of continuous integration, testing, and deployment improvements which laid a foundation for shorter development and product release cycles. A professional approach and high quality of DevOps artifacts resulted in complete satisfaction of all involved parties, which enabled us to broaden the partnership and collaborate on next product version releases, while also opening doors for future engagements on other projects and products for our client.