My comtrade360 story

Jernej Leskovec

Junior developer

My Comtrade 360 story began the day I saw a job post on Linkedin, where Comtrade 360 was looking to hire   a new software developer. Like many people on Linkedin, I have applied for several programming jobs, from various companies in diverse industries, but unfortunately, due to my lack of experience in the field, all my applications ended up being unsuccessful.

At that time, I was a self-taught programmer with basic knowledge in Python, SQL, HTML/CSS, and WordPress, however, I still enthusiastically applied for the job position.

Not long after, Bojana Kožuh from HR replied to my request, and the following week, I had my first interview. The interview was with her and Mario Kranjčec. As we began the interview, to most of the technical questions they asked me, my answer was: “I don’t know, but I will learn.”

At one point, Mario noticed I was wearing a Motorhead shirt, so the topic changed from my programming skills to my taste in music. As part of my hobbies, I  play the guitar in a band. Following Mario’s comment on the tshirt, I quickly realized that music was a unique and creative way of presenting my abilities, so  I started talking about self-motivation, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, vision, hours of rehearsals, and so on. I knew that all of these qualities were paramount to this job and that it would be a great way of reflecting what I can do, and the value I can bring.

A few weeks later, I was informed that I got the job. So in July 2021, I started working in Comtrade 360.

Right from the start, I got everything I needed to do my tasks, all the educational content to learn and all the support and help i needed along the way. I was assigned to a team of like-minded individuals, who quickly became my friends. For a seamless and supportive onboarding, I would like to thank Marko Balant and Luka Štrakl, who gave me tasks that were adequate for a new member of the team, all the necessary learning support, great advice, and overall, they also introduced me to the great team spirit in Comtrade 360.

Very quickly, I started feeling like I was part of not just an IT company, but rather a family. A place where I enjoy coming in every day, working, learning, socializing and growing my knowledge and experience.  It has now been almost 9 months since my first day, and I’m happily looking forward to many more years to come.