Posted on: 10 04 2024.

Spearheading the Charge in High-Performance Storage

In recent showcases of technological innovation and collaboration, Dr. Gregor Molan, the esteemed Head of Research and AI at Comtrade 360, has highlighted the company’s significant contributions at two pivotal events, underscoring its commitment to advancing storage technologies through its partnership with CERN openlab and the development of the EOS platform.

EOS 2024 Workshop: Setting New Benchmarks in Data Storage

At the EOS 2024 Workshop, Dr. Gregor Molan presented a comprehensive comparison of high-performance distributed file systems across Linux and Windows platforms, highlighting the superior capabilities of the EOS-based Comtrade Distributed File System (CDFS) for Earth Observation Data Storage. This was a great opportunity for showcasing the necessity of next-generation storage solutions capable of handling the exponentially growing data volumes in various industries.

The focus of the presentation was on a methodological approach to speed-testing and evaluating different storage solutions, including Ceph, EOS, IBM Spectrum Scale, and Hadoop on Linux, as well as their Windows counterparts. Through rigorous testing conducted on a standardized hardware setup, the results presented by Dr. Molan provided clear insights into the advantages of certain file systems over others, based on file size categories. This valuable data sets a new benchmark for the industry, offering guidance on selecting the most efficient high-performance storage systems.

YU Info Conference: Showcasing Collaborative Excellence

Further demonstrating Comtrade 360’s work in the field, Dr. Gregor Molan co-authored a presentation with Milena Pavlović from Comtrade System Integration at the YU info conference, the oldest IT conference in Serbia. The presentation detailed the successful collaboration between Comtrade and CERN openlab in developing a high-performance storage system based on the CERN EOS solution. It highlighted the enhanced functionalities, Windows authentication services, and support for EOS features.

This engagement not only solidified Comtrade 360’s role as an essential partner in the EOS project but also underscored the company’s capability in providing state-of-the-art storage software implementations, professional service agreements, and hardware deployment.

These recent involvements by Dr. Gregor Molan not only highlight Comtrade 360’s dedication to innovation and excellence but also its role in shaping the future of high-performance storage technologies to meet the ever-increasing data demands of the modern world.