Case study

Optimizing Salesforce Storage


Author: Marko Balant, Lead Support Engineer

Navigating the complexities of Salesforce storage management is a critical challenge that businesses face. With mounting volumes of emails, attachments, and records, finding a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective is paramount.

This case study highlights our journey and success in addressing the daunting challenge of excessive Salesforce storage utilization, a common yet significant hurdle for many organizations.

Our solution was multifaceted, combining the power of native Salesforce tools, innovative custom methods, and robust third-party solutions. This strategic blend not only optimized storage usage but also achieved substantial cost savings, enhancing data accessibility and security in the process.

For businesses grappling with Salesforce storage issues, our case study showcases how, through careful strategy and the right mix of technologies, companies can drastically reduce storage costs without compromising on data availability or security.

Whether you’re dealing with limited default storage sizes, considering the shift to an ‘Unlimited’ license, or exploring ways to optimize current storage practices, our insights can guide you toward making informed, impactful decisions.

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